About ChoiceMMed

ChoiceMMed Survey

ChoiceMMed was founded in 1993 in Beijing, China. As one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment, the company keeps providing qualified and reliable medical devices for homecare and professional needs. The development of these high-tech devices are driven by exploiting the latest inventions in medical technology. In the past two decades, we have been devoted into R&D, manufacturing and marketing activities in the medical field. After 20 years of continuous innovation in science and technology, ChoiceMMed has grown into one of the leading enterprises in the global medical industry.

ChoiceMMed Honor

The ChoiceMMed's Headquarter locates in Beijing, and has nearly 6000 square meters of international standard manufacturing base in High-Technology industrial park with well-equipped precision research and testing area. Manufactoring process meets all strict regulatory standards (according to ISO13485, QSR820, GMP and approved by MDSAP). With 20 years of development, ChoiceMMed rewarded the honor of The Beijing Patent Experiment Enterprise,The Zhongguancun Credit Double-hundred Enterprise Certificate,The Zhong GuanCun High-Tech Enterprise, The Zhong GuanCun Gazelle Enterprise, Medical Equipment Quality Management Demonstration Enterprise, Outstanding Contribution Unit To Fight Against The Epidemic etc.

ChoiceMMed Mission

Our commitment to providing small, intelligent health products to global medical institutions and families is our unremitting mission. With continuous efforts and development, our market has covered more than 100 countries and regions. ChoiceMMed products have entered to many professional medical institutions and families all over the world. As our market expands, more and more users benefit from the healthy life brought by our modern medical technology.

ChoiceMMed Strength

We have more than 300 employees working on the new technologies of medical devices. Until 2020, ChoiceMMed established 6 overseas branches and our products have successfully reached tens of thousands of families in more than 100 countries.

ChoiceMMed Vision

ChoiceMMed has dozens of independent core research technologies and created a new generation of smart, portable and networked monitoring devices. We offer hundreds of tools to help develop new ways of one-to-one care and improving communications between patient and caregiver. Our mission is to research and develop top quality and easy-to-use advanced medical equipment. We are committed to investing in innovative solutions to provide a better life for patients.